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3 Transport Options for a Round Trip from JFK to Manhattan

Mar 02 2020

John F Kennedy Airport is the 6th busiest airport in USA and the busiest airport in the New York City airport system. This means finding taxis and vans to reach Manhattan from here may take longer than expected. And this is exactly you do not want after a tiresome journey, do you? To ensure that these 19 miles between these two places get covered comfortably and within time, here are three modes of transport you can take and enjoy a hassle-free journey.

Personalized Airport Van Service

Sure! You do find taxis queued outside the airport. But so is the case for you, especially during rush hours. Unless standing in long queues is what you like to do to interact with new people (you got the joke, right?), there’s no reason to waste your time in the queue to get the van or a taxi to travel to Manhattan. It is better to choose a personalized airport van service as this not only saves you from the hassle lugging your bags around to hail a taxi but also provides experienced chauffeurs who ensure that you sit back and enjoy your ride, without having to worry about reaching your destination. While booking a private taxi, do take an idea about the wait time fees in case your flight gets late.

Airport Shuttle aka Group Van Services

If you want the comfort of personalized services without spending a bomb, taking a group van service is your second best option (yes, second! you just read what comes first). This is a viable option for both solo and group travelers. Remember that this is going to be a comparatively longer ride (average travel time between JFK and Manhattan is 50 minutes) as the vehicle will stop at several points to dropped off passengers at destinations that come first. Further, you may (not always though) have to make a few adjustments as you will not be the only passenger in the van.

Direct Bus - NYC Express Bus from JFK Airport

In case you want to experience traveling in NYC’s public transport, then you may take the New York City Express Bus. It is the official bus service for traveling from JFK to Manhattan and vice-versa. You can find these buses at Terminals 1, 4 and 8 or just take an Air Train to come to any of these three terminals to take this bus. The Bus goes drops passengers at the Times Square / Bryant Park and Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan. Though it is a relatively cheaper option in terms of fares, you are required to pay additional fees in case you are carrying more than two suitcases.

So! How do you plan to travel from JFK to Manhattan? Please leave comments below.

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