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Three Types and Uses of Sprinter Vans

Jul 24 2020

Over the years, the popularity of sprinter vans has risen to a whole new level. You must have noticed large-sized vans while on a road trip or while driving down the street, and wondered that where you can experience a ride in such vans. These vans come in a variety of lengths and heights, each one with a separate purpose to serve. Sprinter van service in New York gives you the luxury to rent any van of your choice that fits your requirement.

A sprinter van is a light commercial vehicle which is used as a chassis cab, minibus or as a commercial goods transporter. The seating capacity depends on the size of the vans, which can range anywhere between 12-seater to 42-seater. Depending upon the size and usage, the price may vary for each sprinter van.

They are several types of sprinter vans which are available for sale in the market. However, there are sprinter van services, from where one can rent a vehicle of his choice. The most common types of these vans are as below:

Party Sprinter Van

Party Sprinter vans are a perfect blend of luxury and comfort. With a black exterior and spacious interior, these vans can accommodate several passengers. The ultimate chauffeur-driven sprinter vehicles come in the form of limousines with leather seats and every possible amenity that you can think. While these type of sprinter vehicles are comparatively costlier, they have plenty of room to party in comfort.

The party sprinter van is available for rent for multiple occasions like red carpet events, concert shows, private parties, weddings, luxury road trips, and many more.

Cargo Sprinter Van

Cargo sprinter vans are heavy-duty vans with the spacious cargo area. Whether you are hauling goods and heavy pieces of equipment for transport, these vans often prove to be reliable. Cargo vans are built strong and are efficient to enhance productivity at low maintenance costs.

The cargo vans have an extreme build quality that makes them handle all kinds of weather conditions with ease. These vans offer great flexibility in terms of spaciousness. You can rent these vans as per your size preference to enhance your workday productivity.

Panel Sprinter Vans

Panel Sprinter Vans are heavily built and are more durable than other types of sprinter vans. The panel sprinter vans are highly customizable and usually have one side equipped with the seating area, and the other as the cargo area or the work station. The rear end of these vans does not have any windows, which makes them different from other types of sprinter vehicles.

While the size options in Panel Sprinter Vans are limited, you can rent any van from the available options that fit your requirement right. 

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