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Newark Airport is a busy airport located in the state of New Jersey and 16 miles from Manhattan, New York. Each year, over 30 million passengers pass through Newark Airport, which speaks a lot about its eminence and thus, it demands some understanding of getting to and from this place. There are many options to get around, but the most economical, if not the most luxurious option, is an airport shuttle service.

Traffic is widely identified time nemesis. No matter if you were 5 minutes or 60 minutes early it all drops to the same red signal blocking your way to glory. You have to admit some places usually have higher traffic than other. Generally, these places receive international traffic due to being a transportation hub. People rushing out from one place and going to another is kind of how the traffic rolls.

New York Van service provides premium van service to mid and large sized groups. Our luxury fleet of late model Mercedes Sprinter vans is in demand and transport you to your destination in a safe and stylish way.

Recently the Mercedes Sprinter Van has gotten very popular because of its sleek looks among group travelers. Also the name Mercedes automatically sets a high standard in everyone’s mind. Mercedes Sprinter Vans by New York Van Service comes in different classifications. It can be designed to accommodate from 11 to 16 passengers.

Booking a reservation with New York Van Service gives you the luxury of having a professional chauffeur waiting for you at the airport as soon as you arrive. The chauffeur will assist you with the luggage and walk you to your van. You can enjoy the city sights of New York City while being driven to your destination.